The Sensory Research Foundation

The Sensory Research Foundation

The mission of the Sensory Research Foundation is to improve the quality of people’s lives, primarily through educational scholarships, free teacher supplies/equipment and transition/mentor programs. Since 2019, the SRF team has been dedicated to empirical research, educational training/scholarships and strategic philanthropy.

A Little Bit More About Us. . . .

The Sensory Research Foundation focuses on research, education and philanthropy, primarily through offering scholarships that will train teachers of the visually impaired. We also provide free teacher supplies in classrooms, mentor individuals with sensory disabilities and establish transition programs in schools. We are committed to helping students make the transition from school to college, or school to work. Our research component will come about when the first research psychologist is hired by our think tank/private research center.

Financials are available on request. We are a 501c-3 non-profit organization.

The Sensory Research Foundation
About Our Founder
Daniel Leman Ackley was born legally blind with central cataracts on both eyes.

Central cataracts block visual input to the retina.  At age 18, he had dual intraocular lens implant surgery, restoring his vision to nearly 20/20.  The old adage of “I once was blind, but now I see” was true in his case study.  After mainstreaming through public school, he earned a B.S. in Art from Illinois State University.  His editorial artwork appeared hundreds of times in numerous publications across the United States.  He has been an award-winning newspaper artist, has owned numerous businesses, and is dedicated to helping individuals with visual/sensory impairments succeed in life.  His hope in starting this charitable organization is to empower individuals through education, celebrate their abilities/accomplishments, and investigate best practices for success in life.  The Sensory Research Foundation is dedicated to the unique vision of its founder.