Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired Peoria IL

Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired Peoria IL

Helping the Visually Impaired with Continued Education

Students of all ages deserve the same opportunities as anyone else. When we educate those with poor vision or blindness, it’s our job to provide them with every available advantage. As an example, acquiring assistive devices for the visually impaired in Peoria IL and across the state is something we concern ourselves with. The Sensory Research Foundation works to help students in need of assistance.

At the Sensory Research Foundation, it’s our mission to better the quality of people’s lives. This improvement isn’t only done using assistive devices, but with scholarships, teacher supplies and mentor programs as well. If you or someone you know needs support, you can count on the Sensory Research Foundation to provide the assistance required.

Examples of Assistive Devices

When looking to advance the special education of the visually impaired, there are choices of technology that can help. Based on the level of visual impairment (blindness or low vision), assistive technology can be as basic or intricate as needed.

  • Magnifying Devices and Programs
    • For those who have trouble reading on computers and electronic devices, applications exist to enhance a screen’s text. These programs emulate the use of a magnifying glass on the screen. You can adjust the size to the preference of the reader.
  • Text-to-Audio
    • For those who can’t read a screen at all, there are programs to read text out loud. Text-to-audio applications read back what is on a screen to the listener. These programs are not only available for computers but can be utilized for certain books as well.
  • Dictation Software
    • When it comes time to write, there are options like dictation software to help those who have trouble seeing. Instead of having to look at a keyboard, you can tell a computer what you’d like to write. The program will take what you say and transfer it to text.
  • Braille Displays and Keyboards
    • For those who utilize braille, there are options for special displays and keyboards. A braille keyboard uses braille on the keys. Additionally, a braille display reads the text on a screen and raises/lowers combinations of pins to create braille characters.
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How Else Can We Help?

The Sensory Research Foundation is always looking for ways to improve the lives of students and educators across Illinois. More than helping supply assistive devices for the visually impaired in Peoria IL, we develop mentoring and transition programs for schools and colleges alike. What we offer includes:

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If you’re interested in the assistive devices for the visually impaired in Peoria IL we help supply, or our other services, call the Sensory Research Foundation today. You can contact us at (309) 717-9395, or at P.O. Box 6382, Peoria, IL 61601.